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And by the time breakfast was done, the counter looked like this, because I made my bed this morning. It might not look that clean, but when I got up this morning, you could not have seen ANY counter.


I unloaded the dishwasher after putting some hot water in the dirty cast iron, then reloaded after scrubbing and putting it on the stove to dry/preheat, at which point the counter was useable enough to make the batter (because I’ve been unfucking as I go when I could this whole week, so although unusable it wasn’t as bad as it sometimes has been), so I did that, putting the measuring cup and spoons into the dishwasher when done with them.

And then while each batch was cooking, I just kept going — putting away the ingredients I’d just used and the dozen spices we’d pulled down this week, throwing away the cut off tops of bags of frozen peas and milk top/cat toy things and plastic mesh onion bags, putting onion skins and mushroom ends and crumbs into the compost, taking the glass recycling that had been sitting on the counter for months out, (making The Man take the spider that had made its home in a mason jar out to the Timechooks’ coop), finally emptying and putting into the dishwasher the cheap plastic sports top bottles we somehow accumulate, and so on, and so forth, all while making and eating some frankly amazing blueberry cottage cheese pancakes.

After I took this picture, I washed the spoon holder (again), wiped down the counter (with vinegar of course), put the plate in the washer, and started it. The only thing dirty from breakfast is the kid’s dish (he eats slow) and the cast iron (which needs to cool before I can carry it to the stove).

More needs to be done, but now, I rest, knowing there’s a freshly made bed (with clean sheets, even) in the bedroom and a kitchen I can walk into and start making lunch without getting overwhelmed.

Fuck yeah.

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