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Homemade eggnog with home grown eggs. You may weep bitter tears of envy now.


Three eggs, separated.

Whip egg whites with 1-2T sugar until peaks form.

In larger bowl, whip egg yolks with 1/8-1/4c sugar until very pale and viscous.

Add 1T rum (white, though spiced may be substituted), 1 pint half and half: stir.

Fold in egg whites thoroughly.

Serve with freshly grated nutmeg.

Serves 2 adults and 1-2 small children.

(Yes, it is raw. Yes, I give it to my kids. Yes, my life is better for saying yes to infinitesimal risk.)

Enchiladas, take two. Filling: chicken, onion, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, garlic, and pre-baked sweet potato. Mixed the enchilada packet with about a cup of peanut butter to top (helped cut the saltiness of the sauce, too), then cheddar and colby jack. Made a full 9x13 pan this time (10 corn tortillas), so we have a ton leftover. Will definitely nom again.

Frustrated by the shameful lack of snackable foods in the house, this was my solution. Apple slices fried in butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, splash of lemon juice, and pinch each allspice and pepper, with pre-toasted pecans. Took maybe 10 minutes.

Chicken pad thai with kale and carrots. Used rice noodles and a jar of sauce. Did add egg, though. It only needed some peanuts.

I was testing out another shelf-stable, easy(ish), have-on-hand meal. Though when I say “I” I mean I pointed The Man at the boxes and said “dinner please”, and lo, dinner was made.

The noodles and sauce made this not super cheap, but still better than going out, and not hugely more time or energy consuming.

Chicken marinated with pineapple in some soy (tamari) sauce, sauteed with carrots and broccoli. Served with coconut cashew brown rice (brown rice cooked with a can of coconut milk, shredded coconut, and cashews).

Super-buttery waffle from scratch (courtesy of The Man), hot strawberry compote (frozen berries, dash of lemon juice, sugar: boil for ~10min), fresh whipped cream.

Enchiladas (or, enchilada-inspired, anyway).

Sauteed onion, chicken, carrot and kale, with just a bit of oregano. Mixed with crumbled cojita, in corn tortillas, topped with packaged enchilada sauce and colby jack.

I’m trying to find quickish meals that still taste and feel good (= lots of veg, preferably fresh), that are somewhere between “first make the universe” scratch and “fuck it go buy take out” easy. This worked pretty well. The tortillas and cojita (and avocado) are the only things we don’t normally have on hand and aren’t shelf stable. Not too bad. My only real complaint is there’s none leftover, meaning I still have to find something for breakfast tomorrow.

Leftover roasted beets and brussels, sauteed in a balsamic vinegar reduction with mild italian sausage (pre-cooked, leftover from the last breakfast casserole), topped with eggs over-medium. I could pretty much eat this every day (sausage optional).

Last of the Christmas turkey, a few leaves of dino kale, olive oil, and leftover carrot-edamame-sesame salad, with a sauce of the gelly from the turkey and a hint of blackberry balsamic vinegar. Or, “I don’t feel like eggs, what the fuck can I make out of this shit in the fridge?” Was really good, actually. Which is the problem with creative leftovers, because I will never have this exact meal again.

Breakfast casserole. Prepped last night, merely tossed in the oven this morning. Adapted from simplyrecipes.com. Next time I’d use a breakfast sausage instead of Italian. And add some sauteed kale.