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This is not a food blog, because food blogs always have pictures and they are usually nice. It is, however, a blog about food, sometimes with crappy photos.

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Fried green tomatoes. Southern style, cooked in lard, with corn meal and way too much cayenne. Just wish I had some ranch to dip into.

(100% The Man’s doing. I’m just nomming.)

The now-famous curried ground nut stew over brown rice, with carrots, tomatoes, kale, and, yes, pumpkin, all from the garden.

I know there are a lot of reasons people might not feed the freezer — from not having one to feed or not being able to trust on the electricity staying on to not having the energy or the money to do the required extra cooking — but man, we would not eat if we didn’t do it on the regular. It took us a couple days from cooking to today finally getting it put away (and in the meantime, we ate this for two dinners, plus breakfast for me), but this one day of cooking may still be feeding us in a few months, on a day we just do not have the time or energy to make something new.

Garden ‘slaw. Savoy cabbage (store-bought, leftover from the borscht), purple carrots, cucumber, zucchini (all from the garden). Mayo-ACV-honey dressing. Will Nom Again.

Veggie fried rice, with leftover brown rice and chicken-almond pilaf. One too many eggs, but the Boychick wanted.

Half a pastured chicken (pieced), garden zucchini and tomatoes, onion, garlic, garden basil-infused olive oil. Ate some tonight, after a dinner out of salad and sweet potato fries (sooooooo goooooooood), and we’ll do leftovers with… potatoes? the last of our quinoa? tomorrow. Very simple but very, very good.

This was all The Man, by the way. I know it sounds like I do all the cooking, and I have been doing a lot more of the creative stuff lately, but throughout our relationship, he’s done at least half the cooking. And he’s damn good at it, despite his absolutely bizarre aversion to tasting while he’s cooking.

Tomatoes. Today’s harvest. Also, coincidentally, what we did NOT take for tomorrow’s camp breakfast.

Salsa anyone? Sauce? Tomato zucchini chicken roast?

Cherry tomatoes, just picked. Mozzarella pearls. Basil from the garden. Olive oil. Perfection.

Zucchini blueberry pancakes. I’d tell you the recipe, but not only did I make shit up as I went along, I also fucked with it after each of the first three batches. But basically, make a cup and a half or so of zucchini puree, add a half cup cream or milk, and use that together in place of 1.5c milk in a usual recipe. And add cinnamon. Because cinnamon.

In the past three days we have harvested, among other things, over five pounds of green beans.

Recipes? Freezing tips? Volunteers for dinner guests?

The makings of a marinade: sumac, cinnamon, mint, peppers red and black, salt. Plus garlic, honey, and olive oil. Really, really good on charcoal BBQ chicken.